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CFA Breeder Assistance Program

Breeder Assistance ProgramCFA has developed a program for owners of catteries who find themselves overwhelmed for various reasons. The program aims to help and support breeders, who find themselves in an out-of-control situation, by making assistance available through other breeders.

Help and support will be provided upon request. Reasons for a request for help include:

  • Number of cats are beyond care capacity
  • New legislation in the area affects the number of cats
  • Illness
  • Disability, either temporary or permanent
  • Loss of home or housing
  • Unforeseen change in personal family situation
  • Temporary financial hardship
  • Death, without provision for the animals Photo: K Lawrence 2007
  • Acts of nature
  • Normal retirement

No job is too big or too small ... we are here to help. And if we can't do the job, we will find someone else who can! Just contact us. For breeders who would like information or assistance from our program, e-mail the contact for your area of the country, or e-mail

The Breeder Assistance Program is able to help with advice, food, physical assistance, and placement of cats, if requested. IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN ANY SITUATION WHERE HELP IS NEEDED, please email All emails received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.